A Better Tomorrow

I woke up quite disappointed this morning. Someone rang the doorbell and woke me up about an hour before I wanted to get up, and after I got up I realized it never rained last night. Things seemed like they were turning around, but then reality smacked me upside the head again.

Our middle son’s camera (my old SD1000) won’t turn on. The battery is charged and should be fine, but the camera won’t power on at all. No lights, no noises, no nothing.

I was finally able to get AIM mobile set up, so people who chat with me on AIM can message me when I am out and about and I will still get the message. The thing is, it took seven days to get it “setup” and even then, I missed messages this morning. Thanks AIM.

I got the water bill today. I totally forgot about the water bill. More money, more money, more money.

I tried calling a potential client today, only to get voicemail. It seems we’re playing an extended game of phone tag. He’s it.

We have a new mail carrier. The former carrier, known as “the one who never closes the frickin’ box so mail blows all over the street”, has moved on to a bigger and better route. Watch out people, you have no idea what you’re getting. I’m not sure if her replacement is going to be any better, I’ll be able to tell after all the homeschool books come this next week. That should test her mettle pretty well.

Middle child complained all day that he didn’t feel good and sure enough as the evening progressed his temperature went up. It finally started going back down just a bit ago, so hopefully we dodged a bullet there.

Then to finish off the evening… Gidget turned on the kitchen faucet tonight and globs of green goo came out. This happened before, about two years ago. It seems it’s some sort of something they add to the water for some reason, that coagulates and waits until the most unlikely moment and then plops into your drinking glass. Yes, I’ll be phoning the water company again tomorrow. I wonder if my bill includes a charge for the globs of glop?

Tomorrow’s Thursday right? Thursdays are better than Wednesdays aren’t they? I sure hope so.