Taking Care Of Ol’ One-Eye

chuck-post.jpgExhaustion. A simple word that usually takes a lot of activity to produce, but not necessarily.

I woke up at 6:45 this morning to take Chuck, the One-Eyed Wonder Dog, to the West Georgia Spay Neuter Clinic. As I got ready to leave, he was following me around the house, until he saw me grab the leash. He knows when I grab the leash it means we are going out the front door and most likely into the truck.

Chuck hates riding in the truck.

He still moans the entire time he is in the truck, and it’s clear he does not enjoy it at all. He fought me, but I finally got him out the front door so I could close it. As we walked toward the driveway, he seemed excited, like maybe he thought we were going for a walk. Until I turned toward the truck anyway. That’s when you could hear his nails scraping the cement in the driveway trying to get away from the truck. I unlocked the door, and had to lift him into the truck. Just for the record, he is no longer a small dog.

It was a foggy morning, so it took me a bit longer to get there than I thought it would, but I eventually dropped him off, and then came home. When I walked in the door I realized that everyone else was still asleep so I climbed back into bed and tried to do the same thing. After reading all my email and listening to a couple podcasts, I finally fell back asleep.

I never should have done that.

Even though I got less than four hours sleep before taking Chuck to his appointment, the 2 hours I got after the fact just ruined me for the day. Mentally, I was out to lunch. Stop laughing, that is not normal.

I had to run some errands today. I had to stop by the bank and the grocery store. Due to a slight mix up at the bank, my funds were not available the same day (like they claim they should be on all their signs and literature) so I could not pay the bills I wanted to pay today. On the way home from the bank I got a call from the clinic. Chuck was ready to come home.

Normally, the dogs don’t come home until the morning following surgery. The nice gal on the phone told me he was doing good, and that if we wanted too, we could pick him up. Knowing how he stresses about some of the littlest things, we decided to head over and pick him up.

I sure am glad we picked him up.

When we got there, he was pacing, and would not settle down. The girls said he seemed quite stressed and they thought he might like to come home instead of staying overnight. Ya think? Don’t most of the dogs and cats want to get the hell out of there after something like that? We loaded him up in the truck (yes, I lifted him again), and he calmed down almost immediately.

Since we walked in the door he has been laying on his bed sleeping more than not. He is resting quite well, and whimpers a bit now and then. I am exhausted, my legs are still sore from all the walking yesterday, and it’s been a bear just keeping up with the day.

I’m not complaining though. Things could be a lot worse. It could be me laying there in that bed, whimpering every now and then. I’m sure I don’t feel nearly as bad as Ol’ One-Eye over there.