A Picture Worth A Thousand Steps

greategret.jpgI’m sitting here tonight, because I can barely walk. Ouch. We were sitting here today around 3pm when the NASCAR race was finally scheduled to begin, and it looked like things were going to be delayed because of rain.

Not wanting to sit around and wait for a race than might not happen, I decided to take the boys over to John Tanner State Park for a photography walk. We’ve been there lots of times to go fishing or to play at the beach, but this time we were simply going to walk around the lake(s) and snap photos.

We arrived shortly after 3:30 and I realized our State Park Pass for year-round parking, had expired. After a quick visit to the Ranger station, the pass was hanging from the mirror and we were starting our walk.

We made it about halfway around the one mile long lake loop trail when it started to rain. We ended up running all the way back to the truck (with cameras tucked inside our shirts for some protection). We sat in the truck and dried off all the cameras, then we went inside the ranger station again so the kids could look at the fish tank and other items they had inside. We waited about a half an hour for the rain to come to a stop, and then we were off to get more photos.

When we were running to the truck in the rain we noticed the Great Egret (shown above) and we were hoping he/she did not fly off after the rain. At first we were disappointed because we did not see him/her again, until we got to the other side of the lake. On our second trip around the lake, the egret flew toward us, and landed close by. As we approached it stood still for a few nice photos, and then took flight again so I could get the photo shown above.

All in all, we had a great time. We walked for more than 3 hours, back and forth, around the lake, following different trails and running from the rain. I am shocked all three of the boys made it as far as they did, heck, I am shocked I made it as far as we did. We were all drenched but our cameras were dry and we all came home with some one-of-a-kind shots. In other words, it was an awesome day!

God created shadows to better emphasize the light.
Pope John XXIII