Endless Possibilities

You’re going to have to bear with me here. As you may know I have been using the iPhone for a little while now, and I absolutely love it. The one issue I am having is keeping track of applications that I use, so I am going to list some of them here so I don’t forget what I am/was using if something happens in the future.

I use Twittelator Pro for Twitter, of course. It’s an awesome app and does everything I want a Twitter app to do, except one thing. I want to be able to block Tweets based on the content. For example, if there is a huge discussion going on about ladybugs, I may want to block all tweets that contain the text ladybugs for a couple hours. When I was adding Twitter to the Stuffr application, I added that feature and it was awesome, especially during certain conventions and get togethers when I really didn’t want to read what they all had to say.

For instant Messaging I use BeejiveIM. Awesome app. I don’t usually Instant Message much when I am out and about, but it’s nice to have in case I do. I have the WordPress app so I can blog no matter where I am. It was easy adding all my blogs to the app too.

Over the past week I have been able to do everything I do online (except my website development, of course) on the iPhone. In fact, with the exception of using LogMeIn, I have even been able to do server support and monitoring from the iPhone too.

I have the Facebook, PayPal, Pandora, Slacker, Amazon, B&N, Ebay, Yowza!!, Yelp and Google Earth apps installed, as well as Peggle, Bejeweled2, AWSolitaire, AWSudoku, Labyrinth 3D, Toki Tori, Paper Toss, Bubble Pop, Mahjonng, Pong, and DropSum game apps in case I get bored.

I’ve fond that reading books on the iPhone isn’t so bad either, so I have Classics, and the Kindle app. The Kindle app is awesome. Of course, I have four books in there now, and I am currently reading “Common Sense” by Glenn Beck.

I have a few photo apps as well, including ColorSplash, Camera Bag, PhotoGene, Photo Effects, iRetouch, Pano, and FAILmaker. I love FAILmaker.

I even have stupid apps like Lightsaber, Zippo, Dog Whistle (which hurts our ears too), and Flashlight.

The iTunes App store has an endless supply of apps for my varied tastes, and I have added reference apps like iSpeak Spanish, US History, Carpenter, Pocket CPR, iBird Explorer Pro, and Epocrates.

I know, this post is getting redundant with the list of apps, but bear with me, I am almost done.

I have AcroBible, in case I want to read a few Scriptures, and Geocaching, in case we are out and about and feel like hiking for lost treasure. There are many other useful apps too, like MyBattery Life, Aspects, Emergency Radio, Shazam, Evernote, Trapster, ESPN Score Center, and the AT&T MyWireless app.

These are all the apps I downloaded in the first 72 hours of getting the iPhone. No wonder the iTunes App Store has sold over a billion apps. It’s addicting. Like crack. I am sure I won’t keep all of these apps, but as I tweak my use of the iPhone each day, I realize there’s really not much I can’t do when I have it in my hand.

I never felt that way when I had the Blackberry or the T-Mobile Wing. I always felt limited by the phone and wished I had a small computer to carry with me at the time. So far, I have not felt limited by the iPhone, in fact, I feel the possibilities are endless.