Fires, Fun, & Games

I started the day putting out fires, then I spent the rest of the day working on some changes to the Barrett Boys Homeschool website. The changes I made won’t be too noticeable to visitors of the site, but almost everything has been changed behind the scenes to make posting entries and information a whole lot easier for Gidget.

In the future, I will be designing a custom WordPress theme that will offer a customized installation so other people interested in homeschooling their children can install their own site and have an easy time of maintaining their data.

The fires I put out all morning were regarding email services. Remember yesterday when I mentioned the whole “not answering questions” thing with the data center support people? Well, they finally answered me today after an exchange of an additional dozen emails. I was quite aggravated that I had to wait almost 12 hours and waste time with a dozen emails just to get my first question answered, which by the way, was the answer I was looking for. It all worked out, I suppose.

The marathon coding session today to re-vamp the homeschool site will allow Gidget to make all of her updates to the site using my blogging client, Stuffr. With everything els she has on her plate, updating the site needs to be quick and painless at the end of the day.

Speaking of the end of the day, I am calling an end to my day right now. I am going to go lay in bed with the iPhone and relax, after I watch a movie of course. The nightly routine always includes wind-down time away from the computer, and then bed time with the iPhone. I usually use it to listen to podcasts as I fall asleep, but tonight I am playing games.

Peggle here I come.