What Is It With People?

Today was an interesting day. I learned that you should never let a site go live without full payment from the client (as that will inspire them to actually pay you for the work you have completed for them). I also learned that no matter how you word things to the support staff at a data center they will ignore you and give you some playbook answer that’s easier than looking for the answer to question you actually asked.

As you know I had been working on a big project for someone, and rather than following my better judgement, I allowed the site to go live before receiving final payment. I’ll know better next time, like I did this time, but will I listen to myself?

This evening I needed to complete some additions to the server and submitted a support ticket asking some questions. I received a response that was “so out of the playbook” it was ridiculous. What makes it so hard for support staff to actually answer customer questions? It’s my server. I pay for it, I run it, so why not answer my questions about that server? It seems they are hellbent on telling me “options are available within the control panel” rather than reading my ticket and realizing that the issue I am inquiring about is NOT visible under any options which are available in the control panel? Basically, I get to spend three hours going back and forth before they put the playbook down and actually answer my question.

How much do you want to bet I spend more than half the day tomorrow exchanging emails with the support staff before i receive an answer?

So that’s the story of my day today. People were either not making payments or not answering questions. Now the question remains, do I wait to eat a snack now until I receive one of the two? If I do, I could very likely starve to death.