Did You Take A Smoke Break Or What?

I received an interesting email today from PayPal. They wanted me to take a survey on the quality of service I received when I called them the other day. I tell you what. I had more fun filling out that survey than I should have.

After a couple questions, it asked me if I would recommend PayPal to others. I checked ‘yes’ and then it asked me, “What would you tell someone to get them to try PayPal?

What do you say to something like that? Should I have a script ready in case someone asks me about Paypal? This is what I told them,

You’re kidding me right? I thought this was a survey about the help I received on the phone, not some quiz about how I will market and spread the word for PayPal.

Don’t get me wrong, I love PayPal and I mention it all the time to people. I work in web design and highly recommend PayPal to customers with ecommerce type solutions in mind.

Don’t ask me to script how I talk to my clients. That’s just rude.

Of course, I said this in jest. I hope they get the joke. Anyway, after several more questions, the system asked me, “What could the representative have done differently to earn your satisfaction?” to which I said,

What could he have done differently? He could have fixed the problem I called about.

The reason I called was because a company was trying to bill my PayPal account for $90.92 and my balance was sitting at $106.00. It was failing every time they tried to bill the account.

So I called customer service to see why this was happening. After sitting on hold for quite a while (two different times) I was told the problem was fixed on the server end, and to ignore what the settings were showing me on my screen. When I called the company that was trying to process the transaction, it failed again. Same issue. The problem was not remedied, the problem was not “fixed on the server”. I can’t help but think I was put on hold by the representative so he could go take a smoke break or something, because nothing changed and I still looked like a fool with the company trying to process my transaction.

On a side note, the company started a complete new order and I gave them a credit card to process the transaction and it authorized and cleared just fine. The funny part? The card was my PayPal Debit Card. So yes, I did have the funds, and no, the representative didn’t do anything to solve the initial problem.

That was a fun survey. I wish more companies would invite me to take surveys on their customer service, but something tells me they already know and they don’t need to hear it from me.