It’s Crucial To Pace Yourself

UnCorkedI did good today. I worked, I watched a movie with the boys, I worked some more, I watched another movie, and best of all, I avoided the iTunes App store all day. Well, almost all day. I couldn’t resist and looked around a bit, but I didn’t download any new apps.

I am finally catching up with everything that was delayed last week. It feels good to be caught up again and working at a normal pace. Well, as normal as it normally is, anyway.

Over the weekend I ordered some RAM for an older laptop. I was informed today that the order was cancelled because PayPal denied my payment. After a couple calls to PayPal, where they said they corrected the issue, things were still borked. I had the money in the PayPal account, but for some reason the transaction was failing every time they tried to process it.

Eventually, Margaret from Crucial just started a new order for me and asked for a credit card number. I gave her the number of my MasterCard, which processed with no issue at all. None. The transaction was approved complete with an authorization number. The funny part? The card I used was my PayPal Debit Card which takes the funds from, you guessed it, my PayPal account. Crazy I tell ya.

Margaret was nice and changed the shipping to overnight so I would still receive the RAM by the date I was hoping to get it. She went above and beyond if you ask me. That’s just one of the reasons I love ordering RAM from

I am working for another couple hours tonight and then I will be playing some games and getting to bed before 3am. It will be the first time in quite a while.