So Goes Another Day

Another day spent doing the things that need to be done. Isn’t that how most days go? Between finishing the re-install of Gidget’s computer and installing a bunch of apps from the iTunes store on the iPhone, I didn’t really do much of anything.

I found a bunch of cool applications, one of which was Aspects. Okay, so I didn’t really have to look far to find it, since I knew that it was released and all, but I had to grab it asap. A while back, Vinny was looking for an app for the iPhone that would help when it came to looking up sizes, resizing, and changing the aspects of photos. GREAT APP. If you take photos, you need this app. If you work with photos, you need this app. That is, if you have an iPhone anyway.

Later in the evening I found Labyrinth 3D and a few other mindless games, then I stumbled across such wonderful apps as Zippo, Dog Whistler, and LIghtSaber. I have to say, for “nothing” applications, they are pretty nice too.

Tomorrow, the boys and I will be participating in a camera club field trip, so I should have some really cool photos to add to my flickr collection.

That’s it for tonight, I need to get back to those addicting games on the iPhone. So goes another day.