Playing A Game Of Catch… Up.

Today was a catch-up day. I spent the day catching up with everything I needed to complete that was put off while I was working on the massive project. I did, however, have time to test the battery power of the iPhone.

We made a trip to the in-laws house where I sat with the iPhone browsing the internet, chatting on IM and Twitter, and responding to e-mails. The battery lasted a little bit longer than 4 hours with all that heavy use. I was quite impressed. If I hadn’t been instant messaging, it probably would have lasted a whole lot longer.

One thing more impressive than the battery power of the iPhone is the power of the mobile charger I picked up when I signed up with AT&T. In the time it took to drive home (less than 20 minutes) the iPhone had almost completely charged. According to the little graphic (since the 3G doesn’t come with a better meter), it was fully charged except for a small slice at the end. When we walked in the door I hooked it up to the MacBook and it was done charging less than an hour later. Very impressive.

I have a huge project tonight more important than any other I have encountered in the past few months. I am re-installing the wife’s computer. It’s been running like a dog. A three legged dog, hopping on one leg. Because it’s been so slow, we’re giving that dog a transplant. Haha.

The best part about sitting in front of a Windows machine for several hours tonight? Holding an iPhone and staying connected with the world while I do it.