Another Awesome Day

Today was another awesome day.

The project that went of forever launched today, with no glitches, calls or desperation. That’s always a good sign. I spent about four hours waiting for the shoe to drop and the phone line to light up. Nothing. After six hours I emailed the client and asked how it was going. He was very pleased, and everything was perfect. It’s nice when projects launch this way.

Around 5:15 this evening, I realized that tonight was the night for the image group meeting. The kids had such a blast at the camera club meeting that we hurried and put 10-14 photos that each of the kids had taken on a USB stick to take to the meeting.

We arrived just a few minutes after the 6:30 start time and they hadn’t even started yet (thank goodness). All three of the boys enjoyed themselves immensely, and I had a great time too. I wish I had thought to bring some of my photos. Next time I suppose.

We got home a little after 11. Yeah I know, a late night. All three kids wanted to stay to see all the photos, and then we bee-lined it home.

Now I am going to cuddle up with the iPhone and start playing. I just can’t get enough of this phone.