Today was such an awesome day!

The project is finished and ready for launch by the client, and most of all, I got the best package delivered to my door today.

First, the project. With a bit more work and adding all of the final text and products to the page, the client’s site is ready for launch. There is a little back end work to be done as far as nightly maintenance and such, but it’s nothing that will hold up the launch. It looks like it will be launched first thing in the morning.

Now to the juicy part of my day. At 11:35 this morning the UPS guy left a box at the front door. Being the sneaky type that he is, he left it without ringing the doorbell (again) or knocking (again). Little did he know that I was listening for him, and before he could pull out of the driveway I had the box in hand and was headed back to my desk to open it.

I have to stop for a moment to thank Vinny, because he’s just too awesome. He always goes a step beyond “kind” when it comes to doing things for other people. He never hesitates to do things for people, whether they know he is doing it or not. It turns out, when he upgraded his iPhone to the 3Gs, he wasn’t able to trade in his 3G model because of a hairline crack on the back of the case. Since no one would take it in trade-in, he sent it to me so I could experience the iPhone.

I opened the box and unboxed my first iPhone. No, I didn’t capture the moment on video, there are quite enough unboxing videos, you do not need to see one with my mug telling you how delighted I was to be opening the box. I had to wait for a conference call, and then I was off to the bank, the post office, and the AT&T store.

If it wasn’t for starting my own business, and having things turn around in the next month or so, the iPhone would still be sitting on my desk waiting for a SIM card. Thank God for small miracles (aka the ability to start my own business and line up some projects for the next few months).

After the first two quick stops, I was standing at the AT&T store talking to a very courteous salesperson about obtaining service through AT&T. Having been a customer for more than 5 years, it was no problem at all, in fact, they are even combining my bills so I will save a bit more each month on the total.

Let me tell you one thing. Less than seven hours after walking in the door with my iPhone, I understand the hype. Making calls? Awesome. Surfing the web? Awesome. Checking mail? Awesome. Text messages, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, Instant Messaging, Taking Photos? All awesome, awesome, awesome. I have had several different phones over the years ranging from Nokia and Motorola to the Blackberry and my favorite (before today), the T-Mobile Wing. Not one of those phones was as easy to set up as my iPhone.

I came home, plugged it into the MacBook and within 3 minutes it had synced all of my contacts, my browser bookmarks, my email accounts, and more. I didn’t do anything. No hoops to jump through, no need to RTFM. It worked. Yes, it’s as simple as that. It works.

In the past few hours I have added several applications, I’ve listened to (or watched) all the podcasts I had to catch up on, and I have walked through all the settings and options. Well, almost all of them. There is so much to this phone I cannot imagine it not doing everything I need a phone to do. And yes, as I said before, it actually makes phone calls. From my house. In the sticks. Go figure.

To many this post will sound like a case of “Apple Fanboy-ism”. Why shouldn’t it be? No one else has made a phone that made me feel comfortable using it from the very moment it was placed in my hand. No one else has made a phone that wasn’t awkward to learn how to use, or difficult to understand until I had time to RTFM.

The only thing I wish was different? I wish I would have gotten off my ass over a year ago when I had the money to get one and bought one then. At least I’m starting to catch back up with the real world.

Thanks again Vinny. Once again you have amazed me with your generosity. It shall not be forgotten.

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  1. There’s something to say for taking care of those that take care of you. I figure it’s only right. Glad you’re enjoying the phone 😉

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