And That’s A Wrap

Okay, so today wasn’t launch day. It was close though. Just as I finished all the required segments of the site and made sure it was operational, I was given a list of “additions and changes” that needed to be completed before the launch could occur. So much for my launch party. I had to send all the party-goers home so I could work, and wouldn’t you know it, they are all off on Wednesday’s so I have to launch this puppy all by myself tomorrow.

Okay, on a serious note, as of eleven o’clock tonight, the site is done for launch. There is still a bit to be done on the back end scripts but nothing that has to be done in order for launch. It looks like the client will be launching the site by 2 p.m. tomorrow, so I should get some rest (and some quality time with my new toy).

Get your head out of the gutter. A good friend upgraded his iPhone, and when he did, he could not trade in his old one, so he is sending it to me. Tomorrow, sometime, whenever the UPS guy gets here, I will have an iPhone. How cool is that?

Did I mention I am losing my voice? It feels like I have laryngitis, but I haven’t been talking much the past few days. As much as I normally talk, maybe my voice is just out of practice? Who knows. I don’t know what one takes when he feels fine, is not congested, does not feel sick, but just can’t talk. Is there medicine for that?

Maybe I will just sleep. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Sleep is the best medicine right? Hopefully, I will wake up with a voice, since I have to walk the client through using the functions on the site in a conference call tomorrow.

So, what are some good apps for the iPhone? I’ll need something to do tomorrow night while I recover from these marathon coding sessions.