Twelve Years And Counting

cardinal.jpgTwelve years ago today I started a commentary page on the world wide web. With that first “post” I started chronicling my life with Gidget. I wrote the posts in notepad, formatted them in HTML, and uploaded the entire file to my website. Everyday, with every post. Of course, these days kids call it “blogging” and now there’s software to make the whole process easier.

So what was my first post?

Welcome to my commentary page. hehe. This is the page where I will voice my opinions, express my feelings, and just sound off from time to time. Of course, I will put the newest entries at the top, to make for easier reading too… 🙂

I know, too short and very lame, but heck, it was my first time.

Since that first post on July 10, 1997, my site has evolved with the latest software while I talked about the latest topics. In 2001 I installed Movable Type and imported all of my old posts. With the exception of a couple years of posts lost in a hard drive failure, I have all of the posts going all the way back to that first day. About a year later I switched to WordPress. For a short time I experimented with Drupal, but ended up back in the WordPress environment. Why? Because it’s comfortable like an old chair.

Last year, I decided to move the bulk of my “commentary” to this blog, 101 Dead Armadillos. After eleven years at Slobokan’s Site O’ Schtuff I decided I needed something more “personal”. While I still intend to post political and topical news related posts over at the other site, I figure it’s best to focus my attention on topics that are personal to me, whether they are political in nature or not.

So what lies ahead? I’m not really sure. I may talk about our dogs, post photos of bugs or birds, or who knows, I might even start writing poetry. Just as it was in the beginning, my thoughts for this site are fluid and subject to change at anytime.

So, who’s ready for the next twelve years?