A Snow Filled Day In Georgia

BrightHave you ever had one of those days? You know the type. You wake up in the morning, have a hard time concentrating anyway, and everything that can go wrong seems to go wrong. Then, on top of it, it seems everyone in the world is out to get you? Let me tell you about my day.

After I woke up and gathered my senses, I began working on the project that is due Monday. After two hours, I realized I was working on code that I had not lost in the crash, but re-wrote anyway. This wasn’t all bad, because the code I wrote is much more efficient than the previous code, so I guess you could call this a win.

After working several more hours, I took some time to replace the DISH Network box. Our old one seemed to have an issue hanging up the phone line, so the people at DISH were nice enough to send me a replacement DVR. I glanced at the instructions, which were simple enough, disconnected the old box and connected the new box. That’s when my day started to go to hell in a handbasket.

All I saw was snow. No DISH network screen, no setup information, nothing. I checked all my cables, and they were all connected correctly. All I saw was snow. After working with computers for many years, and moving our television and DISH box a few times over the past couple years, I was pretty sure I knew what I was doing, but I checked the connections again anyway. Again, all I saw was snow.

I disconnected the new box, and re-connected the old one. Everything worked just fine. I repeated the process again, installing the new box and all I saw was snow. To say I was frustrated is an understatement. I decided I needed an experts take on the situation and dialed up the DISH Network tech support. What.A.Frickin.Mistake.That.Was.

The first gentleman I spoke to was fixated on the cables, even after explaining and double checking three times with him on the line, so I asked to speak to his supervisor. He hung up on me while I watched the snow on my screen.

I repeated the process of installing the old box one more time, and everything worked fine. The connection in the living room was fine, and the second display in the bedroom was fine. Again, I installed the new box and all I saw was snow. I called DISH Network again, and after another 45 minutes on the phone, I was still seeing snow. The nice girl told me she could schedule a technician to come look at it, but if it was my cables they would charge me. How stupid is that?

I told her to wait for a moment on the line while I checked everything again. While checking the new box I thought to check the smart card, and guess what? The smart card was upside down in the box. I didn’t do that. It came with the smart card. Some moron on their end installed it wrong. For 45 minutes the staff at DISH Network tried to make me feel stupid (it didn’t work) and they tried to convince me to replace all of the coaxial cable used in connecting the DISH box to the television, all because some moron at their location put the smart card in upside down.

The first television was working and once everything was up and running I went to check the second connection. All I saw was snow. The girl on the phone tried to convince me (again) that the cable to the bedroom was damaged and needed replacing (even though it worked just fine with the old box).

She tried her best to assign a repair ticket, but I told her she was off her rocker. A quick check of the system menu revealed the second connection was not “setup” in the box, and once I set it up, it worked just fine. For future reference, if you have a dual DVR 625 DISH box, once you get the first connection up and running, press MENU,1,6,5 and change the settings for your second television. Don’t buy new cables, if you do then you are no smarter than the DISH Network tech support staff.

I was exhausted by the time I hung up the phone with DISH, but we had to run to the UPS store to ship the old box back. I wouldn’t want DISH to charge me for a second box when my cables could be bad. Ha. Anyway, as we got about 2 miles down the road, and SUV coming the other way almost hit us head on. Then, after leaving the post office, another truck tried to do the same thing. Gidget and I were stunned, thinking maybe we shouldn’t have left the house today. Just as we regained our composure (and I stopped bitching about the stupid drivers on the road) a small white car crossed the yellow line and came within inches of our truck. My driver’s side mirror literally went over the rook of their car.

Thank God we were just a few miles from the UPS store, where, as we pulled up at 6:35pm, we realized they closed at 6:30pm. Sigh. But that’s when things got better and God reminded me that there are good people in the world and good things can happen. The kid in the store saw me standing at the door with the box, unlocked the door, and took the box for me. The UPS Store in Carrollton, Georgia rocks!

The remainder of the trip was uneventful as we stopped at the grocery store, and headed for home. With the exception of one truck (hauling a trailer with a backhoe on it) pulling out in front of me forcing me to slam on my brakes, we had a peaceful ride home.

Now, as I sit here tonight, I can’t help but wonder, is there snow in the forecast for tomorrow?