There Are No Mulligans In Life

Day OneLast Friday I mentioned that a hard drive that I use to store “current work in progress” bit the dust. I ran Spinrite on the disk and was able to recover some of the data from one partition, but unfortunately the data on the drive which contained most of the work I had done in the three days preceding Friday was unrecoverable.

Needless to say this week will be quite busy while I re-do three days of work in addition to the day or two I had remaining when the drive failed. This will push back some of my scheduling, so if you were expecting to hear from me Saturday or today, know that I will be getting back to you sometime this week.

If you don’t count the drive failure I had a great weekend. We spent lots of time with my mom and my sister who was here visiting from Kentucky. The kids really enjoyed seeing her and showing her all of their photos, drawings, and sketches.

I spent the afternoon outlining the work I need to re-do, mapping out the parts which are complete (and backed up in two locations), and re-arranging my schedule for the week. If you aren’t willing to put 14-16 hours a day into your business on days you work, then you will never succeed right?

Keep your head and heart going in the right direction and you wont have to worry about your feet.