You Spin Me Right Round…

I’m in a forced state of relaxation at the moment.

A little after 3pm today the main drive that I store designs and other “works in progress” on, crashed. It actually just disappeared from Windows, so I knew there was something wrong with it.

The drive in question is actually just a partition on a bigger drive which contains three other partitions. Two of the partitions were just “gone”, so I tried connecting the drive to one of the Mac’s to no avail. That’s when I dug through my discs and pulled out Spinrite. You cannot go wrong with this product. I purchased Spinrite (personally) a long, long time ago. I purchased it again (when I worked for the Big Fat Liar) and it saved my butt a few times.

Now I am waiting. It looks like I have a few hours left before I know if I am going to have to re-do about one and half to two days of work, but it’s worth the wait. I have a backup I made two nights ago. I forgot to make a backup last night, because I worked until 3am and just plain forgot. Bad me.

I’m going to wait until Spinrite finishes, because I don’t want to start duplicating work if Spinrite is able to save the drive so I can get my files off of it.

Tomorrow is July 4th. I can’t believe it’s July already. 11 years ago tomorrow I was in business for myself. I’ve done a lot in 11 years. I was working for myself, then I worked long term for another company, exclusively, and now I’m self-employed again. It’s funny how everything comes full circle.

In 6 more days I will celebrate my 12th anniversary of blogging. That’s a long time. It doesn’t seem that long though. I should do something for my “blogiversary”. Maybe I will plan something while I am waiting to find out if the drive will live or not.

Everything is okay in the end, if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.


*Note: Yes, I linked to Spinrite every time I mentioned it. Why? Because it’s that good. You should grab a copy. You never know when one of your drives is going to konk out on you.