Kathleen Fasanella And Her Fashionable Dogpiles

What a difference 24 hours can make.

I’m sure you remember the posts I did on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday regarding an incident over at the Fashion Incubator forum involving the owner of the site, Kathleen Fasanella, and my wife. If you haven’t read them, you may want to, but it won’t be required to follow along with this post because I am going to re-cap the weekend’s events.

You see, it all started on June 26th, when my wife replied to a thread in the Fashion Incubator forum. That reply was promptly deleted by Kathleen Fasanella. My wife didn’t appreciate having her seemingly benign post censored so she left a message to everyone that she was leaving the forum because of the censorship and she would not be back.

I detailed the events of that day in my post, An Open Letter To Kathleen Fasanella.

On Saturday, the 27th, Fasanella wrote a series of emails to my wife, and to one of my wife’s business colleagues with a warning to the colleague,

I don’t know what to make of the above but her actions should be a heads up as to whether you want to be involved with her.

My wife posted the information to her site, so people would see what Kathleen Fasanella was attempting to do to her professionally.

Because of those email responses and Kathleen Fasanella‘s attempts to (a) bring my wife’s character into question, (b) make veiled legal threats, and (c) sabotage my wife’s business, I did a follow up post titled, Kathleen Fasanella Incubates More Than Fashion.

Early the next day, Sunday (the 28th) my wife noticed some hits coming to her site from delicious, the social bookmarking web site. She clicked the link to see who had bookmarked her site. Imagine our surprise when we saw that Kathleen Fasanella had bookmarked all three of my wife’s web sites, personal as well as professional, and by using the comments in her bookmarks she attempted to lead people to believe that my wife was psycho, crazy, off her meds, and a wannabe who pretends to work in the industry.

I went into great detail in my post, Kathleen Fasanella Has Crossed The Line, because for two days Kathleen accused my wife of unsubstantiated slanderous and libelous claims, even though it was Fassanella herself who admitted deleting the post in question on her forum and then made comments which were slanderous and libelous against my wife.

Yes folks, the whole thing was about the deletion of one post on the Fashion Incubator forum. Truth be told, it’s Kathleen’s right to delete any post on her forum, after all it is her forum. And, as a member of the forum, it is also my wife’s right to quit the forum because of it. No harm, no foul.

Well we thought so anyway, until the obvious attempts to sabotage my wife’s business, the slanderous statements, and the libelous defamatory comment about Gidget being on meds were made.

When I wrote that last post, I didn’t realize there was a third bookmark (which had cycled to the next page by the time I saw them) on delicious. When I discovered the third one last night I took a screen capture. Here is part of that capture (click the image to see the larger version).

I couldn’t believe that I missed that one, and was prepared to let it go, but while checking Kathleen Fasanella’s bookmarks this evening I realized that all of those bookmarks from June 27th are gone. They no longer appear on her delicious bookmark list. Check it out (click the image to see the larger version).

That’s right. There’s not a single entry for June 27th. What could have happened to them? It’s almost as if someone has a strange fascination with the delete key, doesn’t it? The problem is, the damage has already been done.

During the time it took to write this much of this post, Gidget found an incoming link to her personal site from Dogpile. Take a look (yes, clicking the link will render the larger image).

When she saw the results that came up, she did a search for her business, Buttercup 149. (Once again, click the image, yadda yadda yadda).

Kathleen Fasanella’s attempt to call my wife’s character into question and her attempt to defame my wife by claiming she was “off her meds” is now a permanent fixture on the Internet. No matter what happens from this day forward, no matter how many times someone tries to hit the delete key, Kathleen Fasanella’s comments are part of the permanent record, for everyone to see.

The funny thing is, that’s all we wanted in the first place. The reason I have discussed the incident in previous entries on my blog, the reason my wife left a message to everyone on the Fashion Incubator forum when she left, and the reason I am doing this post right now, is so there will always be a permanent record of how Kathleen Fasanella was treating my wife.

Thank you Kathleen for all of your efforts, without your crumb trails I couldn’t have put these posts together.