Reality Sinks In

Like I said before, I am addicted to reality shows. While I admit my addiction, I will not say that they all end “good”. Last night’s season finale of “I’m A Celebrity” really sucked. They wasted the better part of an hour showing me everything I have already seen all season long.

I am happy with the winner, although I wanted someone else to win (again, not using names so I do not ruin it for anyone who has yet to see it), but the whole format of the show and the “lead up” to announce the winner was just stupid.

It was really great to see most of the stars of the show re-united on stage to discuss the game, but that same affect could have been accomplished in 10 minutes. Add the final announcement of the winner, fill it with commercials, and the whole thing could have been done in half an hour.

After watching Celebrity, I watched “America’s Got Talent” again on the DVR. There were a few good acts, but nothing that even compared with the night before.

There is word that Farrah Fawcett has been rushed to the intensive care unit this evening and that family and friends are gathering to say their final farewells.

My thoughts and prayers are with Farrah and her family at this time. It doesn’t get any more real than that.