Blessed, Content, and Happy

Today was a really great day.

Other than waking up relatively early in the morning, everything was just awesome.

After waking up, we ate a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, maple sausage, tortillas, orange juice and ice cold milk.

After breakfast we kicked back on the couch and watched a couple movies, just relaxing and enjoying the day. After a while, the kids and I decided to start a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. With mommy’s help we finished it in just under an hour and a half. Amazing.

We traveled over to Douglasville to visit the in-laws and we all had Five Guys for dinner. Double yum. My second favorite burger in the whole wide world and I got to enjoy it with family on Father’s Day. Woot!

When we got home from the in-laws we “caught up” with the race from Sonoma on the DVR, and we were all a bit disappointed Tony didn’t win. It was pretty cool though to see Richard Petty in Victory Lane, even if it was because Kasey Kahne won the race.

All in all it was a great day. Nothing too exciting, but definitely enjoyable. I am blessed by God to have such a wonderful family, a loving wife, and three awesome sons.