CHIPs And Dips

The kids were fingerprinted today. Heh.

I rounded up the kids just before lunch today and took them to the Boys and Girls Club on Maple Street in Carrollton for the Georgia Child Identification Program (CHIP) which was being sponsored by Carroll Lodge #69 of the Freemasons.

Each kit contains a bite impression, DNA sample, photographs, and fingerprints of each child, as well as their birthday, and a small video of them answering some common questions. The kits were free and all of the information for each of our kids is sealed in a nice small envelope I hope we never have to open (except to update as they get older).

I was quite shocked at the low turnout, at least while we were there. I am interested to know how many people brought their kids in for this valuable service that could literally save their lives.

When we got home we kicked back and watched movies the rest of the afternoon. I was far too hot to do anything else today.

Tonight I am catching up on “I’m A Celebrity” and “The Listener”. I’m not so sure I am going to keep watching “The Listener”, unless it picks up a bit or something. It seems to bore me quickly. Maybe it’s because we already have a mind-reading superhero on NBC in the name of character Matt Parkman on Heroes? Yeah, I think that’s why I am not too interested in “The Listener”. Did the creative types at NBC run out of ideas? Or did they just forget about Heroes? Weird.

See ya…