Standing Tall And Taking Action

birdsandboys.jpgBack on June 10th, I did a post about Birds and Blooms magazine and the “adventure” I had calling their call center to inquire about past issues.

Two days after making the post I was contacted, via my comment section, by Day Anne who works for Reader’s Digest. Apparently, Reader’s Digest purchased Reiman Publications a few years ago.

I work for Reader’s Digest who purchased Reiman Publications a few years ago. When I came across your blog, I was a bit concerned on the way you were treated. I would be more than happy to assist you with your concerns regarding Birds and Blooms. But first, I want to apologize for the experience you had with our call center and will follow up with our training facilitators so this will not happen again to you or any of our other customers.

Her comment answered every question I had regarding our Birds and Blooms subscription, and if someone at the call center had been as polite as she was in that comment, I never would have had to make the post in the first place.

Day Anne asked me to contact her via email, which I did, and even though we have yet to speak on the phone due to scheduling conflicts, a package arrived in the mail yesterday. The package contained several past issues of Birds and Blooms as well as Birds and Blooms Extra. She went above and beyond to make up for the mistake made by the two bird brains working in the call center that day and she has assured me that Reader’s Digest will take the appropriate action to make sure their call center staffers are better trained when dealing with actual customers.

For the record, the Oriole issue I was speaking about DOES exist, and the Hummingbird issue is the upcoming issue (which she kindly included in the package) which we should be receiving by June 26th.

Thanks Day Anne for correcting the matter and restoring my confidence in Birds and Blooms (as well as Reader’s Digest).