Into The Groove

aria-ad-web.jpgI sent the design for my very first ad to the Chamber of Commerce today. You can click on the image to the left to see a larger (and low resolution copy) of the ad. The ad I submitted is very high resolution, but in the interest of saving bandwidth (for my readers with slow connections), I uploaded the low res version so you could see what I came up with.

The deadline for submissions is tomorrow and with the very low cost of submitting ads into the newsletter I thought it was a good way to get my marketing feet wet, so to speak.

I spent the better part of the morning catching up with little odd jobs that have been sitting on my desk for a week or so, and then I worked on a couple of the “contract” jobs that were neglected while I served the people of our great county earlier this week.

I put in a couple bids on some other jobs so hopefully, but this time next month, I’ll be off the unemployment rolls once and for all, and things will start to return to normal around here. Five months is a bit too long to be “out of work”.

The AT&T guy showed up today to install the second line. We were lucky today because the technician they sent was the same guy who came out 2 and a half years ago to fix my DSL. He is smart, knows his job, and adding the second line without screwing up the first line or the DSL was no problem for him.

Tonight, I am going to kick back and catch up on some TV I missed earlier this week, and then I am going to get another night of good sleep. Tomorrow is Friday, and I have no idea what we have planned this weekend. What will you be doing?