An Arbitrary After Taste

Today was “administration” day.

I figured it was time to file all the paperwork and other items that I have collected to the side of my desk for the past two weeks. I spent the better part of the afternoon getting completely organized, balancing my checkbook, and preparing for the rest of the week.

I received my security token for online business banking. All I can say is,

To login and check my business account balance I have to enter a username, a password, the serial number of the security token and the number generated by the token.

I am a habitual balance checker. Something tells me that I will be breaking that habit real soon.

The local grocery store finally had rainbow trout from the U.S.A. in stock, so I bought a couple filets, brought them home and cooked them up for dinner. I love rainbow trout but I refuse to buy trout in a grocery store located in Georgia that imports their fish from Indonesia or some other crazy place you don’t normally see rainbow trout. The fish was very bland and tasted a bit like cardboard. I cooked it the same way I have always cooked trout but something was different this time. I think it’s the fact it was farm raised and not wild caught.

We bought some Edwards’ Pie Singles for dessert tonight (because we didn’t feel like making one homemade), and when I took a bite of it, it had a rancid taste and a horrible after-taste. I’ll be calling them in the morning to let them know something is wrong with them. We buy these often and they have never tasted bad, let alone as bad as they did tonight.

I have several phone calls to make tomorrow, but tonight I am going to kick back, play a few games on Facebook, and watch some really dumbed down reality shows.

All things being arbitrary, only arbitrary things matter.Sidney B. Hubbard