Lost No More

What a great start to another week.

Over the weekend I worked on a design for someone as a favor to my wife. I didn’t have to do any design work, I just had to cut up some graphics that were already done and fit them into a WordPress theme. It was a challenging “job”, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

The friend I complete the site for has waited a couple years to have it completed. She had hired someone to help her get her design up and running on her website and as she completed the design, he flaked on her and she was left with her graphics (that she created herself) and a website that said coming soon. She was getting desperate, desperate enough to the point she was almost ready to start learning HTML herself so she could get her website up and running.

That’s when I stepped in and took a few hours out of my weekend to make it all happen for her. When I completed the design, I offered to host her site on the Aria Interactive server as well, and yesterday it all went live. She is thrilled to say the least, and I am happy that she now has a functioning website.

No one should be stuck with a website that is “under construction” or “coming soon”.

As far as today goes, I completed several smaller tasks that I was needing to complete and then went to Staples again. I sure wish an Office Depot, Office Max, or Office Anyone But Staples would open up closer to us. Anyway, I bought cd’s, dvd’s, file folders, and a few other smaller things. I figure it’s smart to organize now and be ready to burn project files to disc and store them in customer folders. I am always left hunting for backup files, design files, and other assorted files that are stored on disc around here, and I can never seem to find them.

The very first folder I am putting together today is my backup folder with the cd’s I always seem to be looking for.

Now I am off to do other things for the evening. I need to get some sleep. I have a lot of filing and organizing to do tomorrow.