So, I’m Weird. So What?

This may sound weird, but when it comes to writing I can only use one type of pen. Whether I am taking notes, signing a check, or writing a letter, I have to be using a specific type of pen.

I had an appointment on Wednesday, and while I was at the appointment, I forgot my pen. I know exactly where I left it, but I was already home and it wasn’t worth going back to retrieve it. When I got home, I discovered I didn’t have any other pens, so I borrowed one from the kids. The one I borrowed was some uniball thing that totally sucked while writing with it.

I suffered the rest of the afternoon and evening on Wednesday, and all day today, with that poor example of a pen. I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to Staples (yes, I know they screwed up my business cards, but they’re the closest office supply place to my house), and I bought another set of F-402 Zebra brand fine ball point pens.

I am once again writing comfortably, and life is good again. I cannot remember when I bought my first 402, but I used the same one for a few years, simply buying refills for it as I needed them. They aren’t the most expensive pens, but they always work. Reliability, that’s what I love about them.

Okay, so I did a whole post about a pen. Is that weird?

One thought on “So, I’m Weird. So What?

  1. No, that’s not weird. I think it’s perfectly normal. Of course, I’m hung up on the F-301 pens, so I may not be a completely objective observer, either.

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