There’s A First Time For Everything

I spent most of the day making sure that I have Quickbooks all set up for the new business. I was using it a while back, but because I was working full time and my actual business was just side work, I didn’t feel the need to have it all set up for the little bit of stuff I was doing.

I plan for things to pick up quite nicely and if they do, I want to be prepared with the billing software (very important when you need to keep track of who owes you what).

I have enjoyed 44 years of life (almost 45). I am the son of two law enforcement professionals, the grandson of the first female police captain in the state of Nevada, and I have had a few close relatives work in law enforcement as well. I, myself, worked at the county jail for six years, and now, after all this and all these years, received my first jury summons.

It’s not just any jury summons either. It’s a Grand Jury summons. It’s going to be interesting to say the least. Most of the reasons that would make a defense attorney refuse me for regular jury duty will be huge pluses for a District Attorney looking to seat the Grand Jury. I don’t have to report for a few weeks, so I have some time to get things ready in case it takes a lot of my time.

Tomorrow is Friday and I could not be happier. It’s been a busy week, and I have a lot of “catch up” stuff to get done around here. Who knows, maybe I’ll get it all done.