Non-Stop, But Quite Enjoyable

Holy Moly. Talk about a busy day.

I woke up to the phone ringing off the hook. Apparently the web server went down in the middle of the night and the powers that be at our data center couldn’t get it back up and running for several hours. Once they got it up and running I went through a checklist to make sure everything was operating as it should be.

Once the dust settled from that ordeal, I had a conference call with one of the potential contract customers I am trying to line up. They had some changes for their idea on an initial design, so I took notes and finished that meeting.

By 10:30 I was ready to head over to the bank to find out what I need to do to open an account for Aria Interactive, LLC. I spent way too much time at the bank, but then again, when you live in a small town, you have to hear all the gossip from the gals at the bank to find out what’s really going on in town.

I walked back in the door at lunchtime and started organizing my desk. I had so many notes written on different slips of paper I thought it would be best to put them all down on one sheet before I lost some of them. Before I finished I got a call about another possible web design job. They called based on a reference from Vinny, and I look forward to working on the project if they choose my company to complete it.

When I hung up the phone from that call, which lasted the better part of an hour, I tried to make some lunch but the phone rang again and I had to spend a few minutes generating an email with instructions for someone. I love to code. I love to develop sites. I hate help files and instructions. Loathe them actually. I plan my code very thoroughly before starting any project and I document my code as I go along, because you never know who is going to work on the code after you. But my biggest weakness is documentation. I guess I don’t like it because by the time I get to doing the documentation and help files of a project, I am finished with it in my mind. Oh well, I guess I have to work on that huh?

The ad lady showed up as scheduled today, just as I was checking the mail and trying to get a bite to eat. Eating had to wait, and we discussed various different advertising deals for their radio station. To say the least, I was not too impressed. I was told things in the meeting that were not true when I checked their website. She is supposed to send me a proposal for radio ads that start in August (my projected date when I actually start making money from those contracts I keep talking about), but I don’t think I will be entering into any deals with them anytime soon.

So now I am back to figuring out the best way to advertise my business so I can get my name out there in front of people. I wonder if Waffle House would let me sponsor their waffles for a day. Every waffle could be imprinted with my logo. Haha. Okay, never mind. I am outta here for the night. The day was pretty much non-stop, but I loved every minute of it. I think I may be on to something here.