Falling Down

I’m sitting here tonight, tired, tanned, and torn.

I was quite busy today. I worked on “business” stuff for a few hours, then I went outside to finish mowing the lawn. Big mistake. Today was much hotter than it was yesterday. I should have finished it all yesterday. Anyway, I finished the backyard and got most of the front yard complete. Most of the yard I said. The lawn mower kicked the belt, and I need to find my manual so I can put the belt back on correctly. At least it didn’t break the belt. If I was working full time I would go ahead and buy new blades for it too, since I am going to be under there anyway.

I sat here for a while this afternoon cooling down (I am not good in the heat), and realized I got a lot of sun today. My arms have a nice farmer tan, and my nose and cheeks feel burnt.

After mowing the yard, the kids played in the sprinkler while Gidget weeded part of the garden. Realizing they would be coming in soaking wet, I decided to take some towels downstairs so they had them the moment they walked in the back door.

As I turned the corner to walk down the stairs, I slipped. Yes, I fell. I fell down about 6 or 7 steps, landing on my ass every step of the way. Literally. I reached up and grabbed the handrail twice. The first time my hand hit the bracket holding it to the wall, and the second time I was able to stop my fall. I just starting to tip forward when I was able to grab on. It could have been real bad. It’s bad enough though. My ass hurts and my arm feels like it’s been ripped from the socket.

I have no more plans this evening, other than playing a couple games on Facebook and then crashing (in bed, not down the stairs).

I hope you had a good weekend.