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Just a short post tonight.

As I said before I have been working on some designs. I am trying to finish up a couple projects I’ve had on the back burner for a while, as well as a couple “favors” for a couple family members.

Today, I was invited to join the Better Business Bureau, which is awesome. I should be receiving all of my documentation within the next couple days.

Before I call it a night, I wanted to point out something I read today.

USA Today ran an article about an increase in the number of parents who are choosing to home-school their children. The article starts with the following paragraph:

Parents who home-school children increasingly are white, wealthy and well-educated — and their numbers have nearly doubled in a decade, a new federal government report says.

You have to read quite a bit of the article before you get to the 7th paragraph which states,

Home schooling has grown most sharply for higher-income families. In 1999, 63.6% of home-schooling families earned less than $50,000. Now 60.0% earn more than $50,000.

Since when is $50,000 considered “higher income”? Seriously. We have three kids, and there is no way we could survive (comfortably) on $50,000 per year. What’s up with this recent trend in the media? Are they conditioning us for the new Socialist States of America, where everyone will make the same amount of money anyway?

Apparently they are trying to re-define “higher income” in America. My only question is, are they doing it on their own or at the direction of some other entity which might have bigger plans?

One thought on “The Big Picture

  1. Seems like exactly what I would expect based on prior actions by this administration and its figurehead god, er, President.

    They only have to do a few things to be successful in their plans to governmentalize EVERYTHING…

    1. Convince the masses that people making $50k are rich.
    2. Convince the masses that the middle class is $20k or so.
    3. Then proceed to tax anyone over $50k punitively because, well, they’re rich.

    People should’ve seen this coming in the election, honestly. The talk of the “middle class” and their huge tax burden (of $0, but they never really said that, did they) should’ve been a clue as to where these folks were heading once they gained control over everything.

    As for USA Today, well it’s pretty obvious that they’ve bought into it and are out to further the Administration’s agenda. When you consider $50k higher income, well, that’s a problem. I live in NYC and can you even imagine raising two kids and surviving on $50k?

    Higher income, my ass.

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