Now I’ve Done It

A Drop Of CokeYou should see my filing system. I have seven stacks on the floor to the left of my desk. The first stack is all the paperwork for forming the Aria Interactive, LLC. The second stack consists of blogging ideas that I have had and jotted down on paper for the past month. The third stack contains all of the Chamber of Commerce literature.

I see a distinct pattern of complete separation of ideas and thought processes from stack to stack.

The fourth stack has menus from places that deliver here (even though we haven’t ordered from them for over 2 months and there are only 2 menus in the stack). The fifth stack contains all of the Selective Service System training paperwork, etc. I will be getting the new training materials anytime now, so I thought I would brush up on last year’s just to make sure my brain was still working. I haven’t even looked at it since I “filed” it. The sixth stack contains notes and printouts for different apps I use (shortcuts, etc). And the final stack contains two folders. One for each of the upcoming contracts I’ll be working on.

I found a desktop organizer I had in the basement, which will allow me to put all of those papers into actual file folders and get them off the floor. That will be a good thing, especially the next time the dogs come running through the office.

After more review today, I filed the paperwork for Aria Interactive and Gidget’s company, Buttercup Mercantile, and as of this evening, both are now Limited Liability Companies. How cool is that? I am constantly amazed at the amount of work I am getting done each day getting the business up and running. It won’t be long now before I am sitting down with people to discuss advertising and visibility.

I’ve officially joined the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce “Shop Carroll First” program. The public can stop by the Chamber office to purchase gift checks which are redeemable at over 75 different Carroll County businesses. Aria Interactive, LLC is proud to be participating in the program, and will be offering a nice discount to anyone who uses a gift check when ordering web hosting or design services.

I have plenty on my plate tomorrow as well. I have a couple designs I need to finish up, some server maintenance to get through, and then phone calls to make. Ahh, the life of a businessman. I sure will be happy when all this hard work translates into deposits at the bank.