Holy Cow, What A Day

What a crazy day today was.

It started slow, picked up steam, slammed into a wall, and staggered into the evening.

I sat here all morning working on some little projects I needed to get done around the house and for the web design and hosting business. I have a few pans on the fire and it seems that some of the prospects are looking pretty good.

Things started picking up steam after 2pm when I was informed that one of the projects I wanted (and worked hard to acquire) is coming to fruition and will result in some design work and possibly web hosting too.

Everything hit a brick wall when I received a rather disturbing letter from our mortgage company, but after a very nerve racking phone call and several minutes suffering the effects of a possible heart attack, everything was straightened out. Let me just say one thing. If anyone from your mortgage company contacts you out of the blue (via telephone) to make you an offer (even one that is believable and 100% legit) demand they send you said offer and more information via the mail immediately. Don’t take their word for it, because I learned today that, as in most cases, the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing and it almost cost us our home.

Even with the turbulence of the afternoon, the day progressed into night, where I am about to sit down and watch a movie. Away from the computers, away from the phone, just me and my satellite box. It should be a good evening.