A New Sleep Pattern?

Things quieted down for a while today. Our middle son has poison ivy all over his left foot. A couple days ago, it seems he decided it was a good idea to walk out into the backyard, into our wooded area, barefoot.

The blisters on his feet tell me he won’t be doing that again anytime soon. He’s been on a steady dose of Benadryl with Cortaid creme on the rashy areas all day. It seems to be getting a bit better today, so hopefully it will start clearing up soon.

I am still working on the sample for the massive project. While speaking to the company I am trying to get the work from, we realized that this entire thing will have to be completed within the next three weeks.

I have some research to do tonight for a few items they are thinking about doing, and then I get to call it a night BEFORE midnight for a change.

It’s weird sitting here at night with no shows to watch. Most of my shows have wrapped up for the season, in fact I think all of them have. I haven’t watched anything new or interesting since Monday night.

Now I am off to finish the last few things I need to do before calling it a night. It’s going to be nice getting more than 6 hours of sleep tonight.