Picking Up Steam

I spent most of the day working on that new project I was telling you about. Things are rolling quite fast and it turns out I may have two other small jobs come up in the next couple weeks. That would be real nice.

We watched the season finale of American Idol tonight. Funny thing, we didn’t tune in for a single episode all season, until tonight. The only reason we watched it though, was because we couldn’t find anything else we felt like watching and we didn’t have anything better stored on the dvr either.

It was nice seeing people like Lionel Richie, KISS, Cyndi Lauper on the show. It made the show more interesting. When it was all said and done the kids said they didn’t even miss watching Idol this season.

That’s it for tonight.

“Often in life we forget the things we should remember and remember the things we should forget”
author unknown