Unleashing The Guerrilla

shine.jpgAll in all it’s been a productive weekend. After working on my wife’s nice big rack yesterday I did more “job” stuff today. I certified with the Department of Labor again so I’ll get that nice chunk o’ change known as the Unemployment check, and I applied for couple more jobs.

I spent part of the day reading my new book “Guerrilla Marketing for Free” (thanks mom) and working on a few of the ideas in the book. I’m only on page 35 and I already know this book is going to be a big help.

Tomorrow I start the planning phase of a website re-design. The re-design will be for a long-term client that is looking for a change after using the same design for about 3 years. It will be fun to work on that. I am hoping to line up some contracts this week and hopefully I won’t need to certify much longer.

I spent part of the afternoon installing a few different modems into my computer. I found the fax/voicemail software I had and wanted to set up my desktop to answer the phone for me when I was busy. It turns out only one modem is voice capable and it won’t work with “distinctive ring” from my phone company. The other three modems had no issue with distinctive ring, but none of them were voice capable. It figures doesn’t it? So much for going the inexpensive route for voice mail.

I have quite a few more things to do tonight, so that’s it for tonight. Tomorrow’s a new day, and I plan on seizing it.