The Long, Long Day Which Ended Well

Today was a long day. Gidget needed to watch her sister this afternoon and because I had that workshop to attend today, I dropped Gidget and the boys off at her mom’s house at 1:30. I drove all the way back to Carrollton for the workshop, then all the way back to Douglasville to pick them up. We had to wait for my mother-in-law to get home from her doctor’s appointment, but I’m glad we did.

As you know she has endured quite a bit of crap over the past couple years. First it was a tumor on her ovary, which was removed in 2007. Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2008. She is in the recovery process from the radiation, which is complicated by lymphodema where they took 12 lymph nodes before making the diagnosis. She has been in a lot of pain and when her doctor saw her this past week, he told her there was a possibility she may have Inflammatory Breast Cancer because of the way her breast looked and the symptoms she was experiencing.

When she walked in the door this evening you could see the relief on her face. Her condition is simply the recovery process from her radiation with complications from the lymphodema and infection from the fluids building up where the lymph nodes used to be.

In the next couple days I am going to be doing a post on IBC, because I don’t think people can ever learn too much about the dangers out there. IBC is a very rare form of cancer and even some of the most educated physicians are not familiar enough with it, or the treatment options. IBC is a very aggressive form of cancer with no tumors or lumps, and can kill the patient within 22 months if left untreated. Like I said before, I will be posting more on IBC in the next few days.

We finally walked in the door at 7pm and I have been craving chicken wings ever since. It figures. Now I’ll be craving them for a week until I can get back over to Douglasville to pick some up. The workshop was a total waste of time (like all of the ones before it), and I am glad all of those workshops are now over. Maybe now I can concentrate on building up some business and getting away from the whole “unemployed” umbrella all together.

Now I’m going to bed. Have a good night.

One thought on “The Long, Long Day Which Ended Well

  1. Good for her I hope she feels better! My friend Candace has just recently found out she has lymphodema. I have to admit, I didn’t know anything really about it, so I wanted to research it. I found a book called Cornfield Heiress, by Errollynne Peters. It’s a memoir about her life and her many struggles and she couldn’t have written a better book.
    I learned so much… everything from lymphodema, wines, diets and body image just to name a few.

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