Happy Mother’s Day

Every year the kids and I try to come up with something “different” for Gidget on Mother’s Day. This year we wanted to surprise her with something unique that none of the other mothers she knew would have seen before.

We thought for sure we were “stuck” until Friday when the kids and I saw this video on Chef John’s website.

As soon as we saw it, we knew we were making it for Gidget. The kids were so excited to make it, they almost let it slip a couple times on Friday night, and especially yesterday when we went to get the items we needed to make it. We thought it was so cool, we made one for Gidget, her mom, and one for my mom.

Gidget’s Potted Plant Ice Cream Cake


The ingredients were simple. Pound cake, ice cream, a straw, a few silk flowers, and some Oreo cookies. Imagine how easy it is to get kids to help with this one. You tell them they get to cut pound cake and pack it into the bottom of a ceramic pot, fill the pot with ice cream, and smash Oreo cookies until they look like potting soil. The boys jumped at the chance.

After Gidget opened her cards and saw her dessert, we packed up the other two, grabbed some dry ice from the local store (thanks Ingles) and made the trip to deliver them to the grandmothers. I completely forgot to photograph the other two, but here is a photo my mom took of hers.


I took some video while we were making them, but decided against putting it all together tonight. It’s been a long day. When we got home from delivering the “packages”, we made Gidget her Mother’s Day dinner. Each year she gets to pick what she wants. She can pick anything she wants. This year, she picked bacon wrapped hot dogs cooked on the grill, barbecued shrimp, baked beans, chili, and all the other fixin’s you’d expect to see with hot dogs. She was easy on me this year.

She had a really good day. I know this because she is sacked out in bed as I type this and she hardly ever goes to sleep before me. I just finished the dishes and I am going to kick back, relax, and probably fall asleep in front of the television.