Crappy Service. Crappy Cards.

I am so exhausted right now I am shocked that I am even typing this entry. We spent the entire afternoon running around.

It all started at 1pm when we arrived at Staples to get my new business cards. They weren’t ready. The “cutter” was broken and they were waiting for it to be fixed. They told me they would call me when they were ready.

After the disappointing stop at Staples, we stopped at Hobby Lobby, then Wal-Mart, then Tractor Supply Company, then another Wal-Mart, and then we were finally able to come home. No, we are not crazy, we were simply doing the shopping for Gidget’s mom because she couldn’t get away to get it done herself.

When we got home Gidget started working on the birthday cake and I cooked dinner for the boys. After dinner, I called Staples. Surprise of all surprises, my cards were ready. I took one of the boys with me and went for a drive to pick them up. We saw the most beautiful hawk on the way, I will upload photos later this week. When I arrived to pick up the cards the girl working in the print center was rude and short with me. I’m sure she was mad that I called about my cards and the manager checked up on her.

She tossed my cards onto the counter and went to the register. I paid for the cards and we left. When I got home, I was quite surprised. The cards I received are of MUCH lower quality than the card design I submitted. I followed the Staples guideline for the design, 300dpi, specific size, everything. Some of the print is blurry on some of the cards, some of the cards are not lined up right, and there is a white border on the right side of others. So much for their buy 100 cards get 100 free. You need the free 100 just to get through all the crappy ones they screw up.

Needless to say I am quite unhappy with the quality of Staples “custom” print center. I won’t be making that mistake again any time soon.