Looking Sharp

I spent the day working on more business plans, and such. I designed my new business cards and sent them to Staples online for printing. My design came out really sharp looking, so the cards better be nice when I get them.

I’m still waiting for the former employer to “clear” the path so I can get my 401k money. It seems I can’t make a withdrawal without their permission. This tells me two things. They are messing with me and they want me to beg them to fix it. Boy are they in for a surprise. I filed a formal complaint with the investment firm today. They’ve had almost four months to do whatever it is they do so I can have access to my money. I’m tired of waiting. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s the principle of the point.

That’s it for tonight. Tomorrow we’re going to be running around getting things ready for our youngest son’s 8th birthday. Yes, we feel quite old.