A Nice Quiet Night

I applied for two more jobs today, and began the tedious task of registering the new business at all the “we’ll take some of that work off your hands” places.

After my normal 12 hour day, I spent the evening catching up on Facebook, playing games, and doing absolutely nothing productive. It’s the first time I have done that in over two weeks. It feels odd sitting here now, knowing I didn’t do anything for the past three hours.

Tomorrow should be interesting. We’re supposed to get some big storms coming through (we’ll see about that). I have to run to the post office to add the new business to our P.O. Box, then I have to finish the business card and brochure designs I am working on.

I added Aria Interactive to the local business map on Google today, which was surprisingly easy and quick to do. I did the same thing at the Yahoo and Yellow Pages sites, but their interfaces are not nearly as nice (or automated) like the one at Google.

I didn’t get any photos uploaded, so I will work on that tomorrow too.