Back To Our Normal Programming

Today was a very productive day. In addition to finishing all but one page on my new business site, I also applied for five new jobs. Someone asked me yesterday what I was going to do with my business if I get hired full time somewhere. I told them I have no intention of “shuttering” the business when I get hired. I fully intend to run the business on the side, in the evenings, on the weekends, whatever it takes to keep it going.

The jobs I applied for were all found on Craig’s List. I have sent my resume in for a couple jobs listed on the job boards, but I have only heard from one recruiter in the past 13 or 14 days, so I’m beginning to think the jobs the recruiters have access to are few and far between.

I’m spending this evening catching up on Facebook. I have Lexulous games to play, Hatchlings to feed, and who knows how long it’s been since I checked MyFarm. As I catch up tonight I will double check and proof read pages on the new site again just to make sure everything is up to speed and reading correctly.

I have a ton of photos to upload to Flickr, and my desk looks like a tornado hit it. We’ve had some strong storms move through in the past few days but none of them could make my desk look the way it looks right now.

Now I am off for the night. I’m going to sit and watch 24.