No Turning Back Now

ariasite.pngI couldn’t wait any longer. I decided to put the site live, even though I am working on one more section of the site. I’ve spent the better part of the past 10 days working on this project.

I have a terrible “habit” of writing something, reading it, re-writing it, re-reading it, rinse, repeat for 3 or 4 cycles, and then end up with the text I was looking for all along. In most cases my first attempt ends up being much more suitable than any of the edits I made along the way.

The other day I mentioned that I found all of the old backups I have made throughout the years. Those cd’s contained data that is definitely a treasure trove of information. I found project files for jobs I had forgotten all about, and I was able to include a lot of those jobs into my portfolio.

My tasks tomorrow include finishing up the last small section of the site and planning out some other business tasks that need to be done. After that, it will be time to hit the streets. I want to hit them fast and steady, I just hope it doesn’t hurt when I hit them so hard.

You can visit my new site, Aria Interactive, and if you’re looking for some work to be done, let me know.