24. Hours. And Counting.

Today was a good day. I finalized some things that needed finalizing. Wow that sounds weird. I finished doing some things that were in desperate need of being finished. Does that sound any better?

I have my business plan in mind, and I have outlined goals I want to reach in the next 30, 90, and 180 days. I see no reason why I cannot reach those goals if I stay focused and I keep moving forward. I worked on the new site all morning today and this afternoon I got a call from the Office of Community Development that my business license was approved and I could pick it up. It’s now sitting on my desk waiting for a frame. I wonder where we put those when we organized?

Tonight and tomorrow night are my final two nights of development. I have approximately six more pages to write the content for and the project will be completed. Once I launch the new site on Friday, I will be able to focus on the next step in the process. That step includes designing a brochure and some new business cards so I can start networking on Monday.

I sent several more emails this morning and I still haven’t heard from a single recruiter (out of 9 of them) for nine days now. The latest reports show that the job market is picking up in North West Georgia, but I wouldn’t know it from the lack of contact from the job recruiters who seem to be ignoring me.

That’s it for tonight. No photo and no pithy philosophical quote either. I have work to do and about 24 hours to finish it. Now I know how Jack Bauer feels, only without the fighting, gunfire, torture, and heart pounding action.