I Don’t Twiddle Well

CabinI haven’t heard from a recruiter in eight days. I’ve emailed them all, left voicemail for some of them, and have not heard a single word in eight days.

After the third day with no response, at all, from any of them, I was really angry. These are people who do not get paid the big bucks unless they place people in jobs. How does ignoring people when they email or call going to make them any money?

By the fifth day I was fed up, completely. I decided right then and there that it may be time to start working on my own idea, while I wait for the phone to ring. I researched the market in our area, my wife came up with an awesome name, and yesterday, I applied for the business license. I should receive a call sometime tomorrow that it is ready to picked up. Our county is cool that way.

So, today, I have been placing calls again. This time I am calling prospective clients, not prospective employers. I applied for four positions I found on one of the job sites, but while I wait for that phone to ring the last thing I am going to do is sit here twiddling my thumbs.