A Few Steps Closer

Black Rock LakeGidget and the boys accompanied me down to the Office of Community Development where I applied for my business license today. I should get a call in the next day or so to come down and pick it up. How cool is that? One step closer to taking that big step. Again.

Many years ago, I wrote custom software. Many of the packages I put together were customized with one or two people in mind, and were offered as freeware, shareware, and even email-ware. I started out writing applications in Turbo Pascal and had a whole series of games written for some of the people I worked with at the time.

When I met my wife, eleven years ago, I was writing custom applications for IRC, as well as a few office utilities that proved to be quite popular at the time. There are still more than 100 downloads of Gidget’s DateFinder each month. It’s a simple application, but apparently quite a few people still find it quite useful.

When we moved here to Georgia, I ran my own business again, offering web design, software development, and internet service and hosting. We sold that business ten years ago to the company that laid me off just three months ago.

So here I am again. I am still looking for full-time work, but in the meantime I figured it’s time to step up and start making contacts and re-starting what I do best… Running my own business.

It’s scarier this time, however, because we have kids now and we have no other source of income. I have no doubt I can do it, and maybe this is what God has planned for me all along.

With His guidance, I’ll just keep taking one step at a time. As long as I don’t start walking backwards I should do just fine.