A Day Off

Canadian GooseI just don’t understand why some people are the way they are. They can be real assholes sometimes.

When someone applies for a job, they usually want to work for the company they applied with. The potential employer usually interviews the person that wants to work for the company. Right? Isn’t this how it works? Okay, now that we have that straightened out…

I applied for a position with “Company X”. They contacted me for a phone interview. Obviously impressed with my responses during the phone interview, they contact me to come in for a face-to-face interview. During the interview process I am told all about their company. I am filled in on a current project, which seemed to be a bit of a crisis for the company. After the interview I was introduced to everyone at the company, and I mean everyone. I met everyone, from the designers to the support geeks. After the introductions we returned to the conference room where I was told about current projects, two of which needed completion immediately. I was told I would hear from them on Monday.

I don’t know if I am just being a dumb ass or what, but it sounded to me like I might be getting a job offer. It turns out I wasn’t. I didn’t. And from the sounds of the email I received, I won’t.

“Company X” led me on, they made me think I was going to get an offer. They took the extra effort to introduce me to everyone at the office. They took the extra effort to fill me in on projects that were pending. They hired someone else.

Who does that? I want nothing more to do with “Company X”. I will just say one thing about “Company X”.

They better watch out because they’ve lit a fire under my ass that won’t be extinguished anytime soon. I took today off to reboot and regroup. But, tomorrow is a new day, the dawn of a new beginning for me.

They will soon realize that one person’s dawn is another one’s dusk.