Jumping Through Hoops

Taylor CreekI started the day jumping through hoops and I’m ending the day jumping through hoops.

I woke up this morning, started my normal routine browsing job boards, and catching up on some email replies I have long neglected. Gidget started cleaning up the house almost immediately after her feet hit the floor this morning. I don’t know how she does it, but I am glad she does. I don’t know what we would do around here without her.

We made a quick trip to Fred’s for a couple things we needed for the birthday party today and then I was out the door to my Department of Labor “workshop” on Interviewing. Today was our oldest son’s 11th birthday. Yes, Gidget and I feel very old today.

The workshop was a joke, like all of the other workshops I have been required to attend since beginning to draw unemployment. I don’t see how pulling me away from my job search for 2 hours (which includes travel time) and making me waste precious funds on the fuel to get there, will help me find a job, but it’s a hoop I was required to jump through.

As the workshop concluded, I made a beeline for our favorite wing spot. Our kids get their choice for their birthday dinner. Sometimes we have tacos, sometimes fish, tonight we had hot wings. They were delicious as always, and we all had a good time. Check out the cake Gidget baked for the occasion.


She used a German Chocolate cake mix, baked on cookie sheets and rolled like a yule log to get the “tree” effect. The birds were courtesy of Freds, and the nests were Chinese Rice Noodles boiled and then colored with food coloring. I thought she did an awesome job.

As the evening wound down and the kids climbed into bed, I checked my email to find out that the second job I had interviewed for (the one I really wanted), had chosen someone else and I was no longer in the running for the position. Talk about letting the wind out of your sail. I was so sure they were going to make me an offer. Heck, the owner of the company took me around from office to office and cubicle to cubicle to meet everyone in the office. Who does that if their mind isn’t already made up?

I won’t deny that I am pissed, and I admit I am feeling very down right now, but I will not let it affect me. I won’t let it keep me down. As I type this tonight, I am checking out a few other sources for job listings, jumping through hoops once again in an effort to end the economic recession in our home.

Have a good evening, and I’ll see you tomorrow morning. I’ll be the guy over here in this corner of the Internet jumping through hoops trying to impress the lion tamer.

One thought on “Jumping Through Hoops

  1. How very disappointing. Was sorry to hear the news and was hoping that one of the two would come through for you.

    Do not think you are alone – many of us have been exactly where you are at this point. Frustrating and worrisome. I agree with you about the “who takes you around and introduces you if they haven’t made up their mind,” though. Interesting.

    The cake your wife made is fantastic. Great job, Gidget! How creative.

    Will be thinking of you in your continued job search and hoping everything works out for the best.

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