Cleansing The Soul With Mountain Air

adahi.jpgThe past few days have been absolutely crazy around here.

On Tuesday, I had a follow up phone interview with the company that I had a face to face interviewed with last Friday. I think the phone interview went well, and I should hear something regarding that position sometime early this week.

On Tuesday night, I read the U.S. Department of Homeland Security assessment and started my three part post (which, in reality, turned into four posts). That report exhausted me. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the implications contained in it.

On Thursday, I had a face-to-face follow up interview with the company that contacted me by phone last week. This one was somewhat reversed from the first one. I got a real good vibe from the people at this company, and could see myself working there (hopefully soon).

We decided to take the kids up to Kennesaw Mountain yesterday, and we all had a blast. We hiked a few of the trails and spent three hours on the mountain. It was nice, but it wasn’t like it used to be. The first time I went to Kennesaw Mountain with my wife, I felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, even though we were just a few miles from the interstate. It felt secluded, peaceful, and historical. This time, the historical feeling was still there, but the constant hum of cars traveling down the interstate, trains blaring their horns, and other city noises totally ruined the atmosphere of the park.

Because Kennesaw Mountain was such a bust, we decided to see if anything was going on in North Georgia today. It turns out that today was the last day of the Foxfire “Living History Days”. If you have read any of the Foxfire books then you know what kind of day we had. We had to hike a bit between all of the buildings at the site, but we saw many demonstrations that were just awesome. Rope making, yarn spinning, blacksmithing, it was all awesome.

After a few hours at the Foxfire location we decided to head up to Black Rock Mountain state park, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. We hiked the trails (including the ever difficult trail to Ada-Hi falls, the highest elevation waterfall in the state of Georgia. Gidget and I were out of breath and exhausted, but we made it, and we all had a blast. We finished the afternoon hiking the trail around Black Rock Lake which is one of the best nature treasures we have found thus far in the state of Georgia.

It was a long day that capped off a very long week, but it was great. My back is sore, my legs are killing me, but my mind is refreshed and ready for the week ahead. Now that you know what we’ve been doing, how are you spending your weekend?