Getting Down To Business

Red Bellied WoodpeckerOver the weekend, my wife Gidget was under the gun to complete a project. The deadline for the project was approaching quickly and being the dedicated person she is, she spent most of Easter weekend working in the basement to get the project completed.

Without getting into too many details, the “designer” for the project failed to make sure some of the materials that were to be used in the project actually met the requirements and were indeed suitable for the project. Gidget knew there was a problem on Friday, when she learned the materials supplied by the designer would not work, so I took her to the fabric store where she purchased several other products, hoping they would work as a replacement.

She didn’t have to do that. Purchasing the correct materials was not part of her job, but she felt compelled to do what she could to help any way possible, that’s her nature. It turned out after spending almost $50 out of pocket, that none of the other materials were suitable either, because frankly, the designer did a poor design putting the project together.

Gidget busted her ass to complete as much of the project as she could, but was only able to complete half of the items before she accepted the fact that there was no way the project could be completed as designed. This morning she boxed everything up (including the unfinished pieces, in case the designer could find something suitable to complete the project) and we shipped the entire package back to the designer. Good riddance, I tell you.

Gidget was torn up because of it but I don’t think she should be. She is dedicated, hard working, and even tenacious at times. She is so focused on detail that I have been known to tease her about being OCD when it comes to her sewing projects, but it’s no laughing matter. She sees the little things that you and I would never notice, but make all the world of difference when it comes to the details. I have seen her sit down in her sewing studio for hours making sure every detail is completed correctly, so I know if this project could have been completed, she would have finished it.

The problem, in my opinion, was a designer who took advantage of my wife’s knowledge and time in an attempt to get a design rolled out at all. There are many steps involved when a designer puts a product on the market and I have a sneaking suspicion that the designer purposely skipped a few of those steps because she thought she could get away with it.

In the beginning Gidget spent countless hours exchanging email with the designer trying to nail down the “design”. In the end, the designer sent her a sketch of what she wanted. She never sent a proper pattern, and her “sample” was basically a scrap that had been sewn together. Gidget knows now that she should have refused the work at that point. Hindsight is 20/20.

I won’t bore you with the story anymore (at this point), but I just wanted to make sure Gidget knows how very proud I am of her. She busts her ass everyday from the time she wakes up and never stops to catch her breath until the kids are asleep in bed and everything in the house is settled. She is dedicated to her business and she is dedicated to her family, and I want her to know that she does an excellent job running her business, and when it comes to being a wife, a mother, and a best friend, she is second to none.

A friend of hers told her today that when things like this happen you need to chalk it up to the cost of tuition. If that’s the case, this weekend she earned her degree.