A Whole Lot Of Nothing

Hopping Chipping SparrowI was hoping to accomplish a whole lot of nothing today. I think I reached that goal, and then some.

After looking at a few theme sites, I decided not to change the themes on a couple of my sites. I am tired of changing them. I would really like to find the cd I burned with some older themes on them so I could resurrect a few of the ones I made a long time ago.

Gidget has a big project she is working on, so we’ve been trying to keep up with things (the best that four guys can, anyway) while she gets her work done. We did a couple loads of laundry and made sure the dishes were done. The boys even picked up all their toys from the living room too.

We watched Joey Logano win the Nationwide race. Boring race it was. I knew he was going to win too. After listening to people rant for two weeks about Joe Gibbs’ decision to bring the kid up to the Cup level, I figured something had to break so he could win a race and shut everyone up. Today, it broke. There were a few real cool slides across the grass, but otherwise the race was a complete bore. Just ask my snoring kids.

After dinner we colored Easter eggs. I should have some photos to post tomorrow sometime. Who knows if I will get any of the eggs on camera before they are hidden a dozen more times and utterly destroyed. Oh, speaking of eggs. I learned today that Dijon mustard goes bad if you don’t use it before the expiration date. I found out the hard way, as I mixed everything up for some deviled eggs and then almost gagged when I smelled the creation (remember I do have a head cold).

Like I said before, my goal was to accomplish a whole lot of nothing. More clothes are piled at the washing machine, the dishes are stacked in the sink. Toys litter the living room, and it appears we didn’t do a damned thing all day long.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Easter. I couldn’t handle two days of nothing in a row.